52 minutes 6 seconds

This morning was glorious.  I had a beautiful five mile run- and scored another PR with my pace.  

The sun was still rising, and the sky was magical.  I felt good, the air wasn’t making me feel like I was in an oven.  

Then I went to work and had my soul crushed. 

Luckily- I came home to the handsomest guy I know.  He worked hard to cheer me up.  There was silly dancing, and even some romantic slow dancing.  Then- the cherry on top was a delicious Bloody Mary made with love. 

It occurred to me during the pity party I was throwing for myself that my birthday coming up bothers me a little.  The whole business of growing older.  Growing old.  I’m mourning my youth a little.  

Tomorrow’s schedule say 3 miles, but I might need a longer run to clear my head before work.  We’ll see how hungover I am from this ONE drink.  The good news: I’m a real cheap date.  

Who pooped in the sink?

This day started out pretty shitty…

Good news or bad news first?

Bad news.  Today was rough.

So yeah.  My fitness pal.  Thanks for making me perfectly aware that I’ve been doing a terrible job of eating lately.  I over ate on all three of my macros today.  AND I was attempting to be good.

AND someone pooped in the sink at work.   Yeah.  That ACTUALLY happens.  NO.  This wasn’t the worst bathroom incident I’ve had at one of my stores.

Quick.  Stop thinking about pooping in a public sink.

Good news.  My dinner was INCREDIBLE.

Have I mentioned my boyfriend?  He’s the kind of person who eats whatever he wants (which is frequently take out) and doesn’t gain any weight.  In the first year we were dating.. I tried to keep up with him and would eat him pizza for pizza.  Giant burrito for giant burrito.  I gained 30 pounds.  He gained 7.   Four years later… he hasn’t gained any more than that first 7.  Maybe it’s a total of 10.  Anyway it isn’t fair…. BUT- he has this amazing redeeming quality.  He LOVES to cook.  Tonight he made me a perfectly cooked prime tenderloin with goat cheese, asparagus, and strawberries.  I know he really loves me because he gives me the juicy plate.

Tomorrow has to be better.  I’m starting my day with a 9 mile run, and then heading to work.  My wonderful boyfriend is going to be making me a fancy seafood dinner that I will eat with gusto.

Wish me luck (and poop free sinks.)