110 minutes 2 seconds

Sundays are for long runs.

Ten miles! 10.06 to be exact, but 10 miles! Today was my last long run before the Fox Valley Half Marathon next Sunday.   Second Sunday in a row Kaitlin and I ran a beautiful shady path, second Sunday in a row we had an amazing run.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take any pictures this week- but it was just as picturesque and lovely as last week.  

Last week. Please excuse my ham.

I worked a 12 hour day yesterday, and didn’t have to work today- so we decided not to go at zero dark thirty- so less terrifying at the beginning… unless you count me telling Kaitlin hometown murder stories while a stranger ran behind us, or my description of an imaginary man made of squirrels rushing out of the woods to kill us.  I’m the worst.  I can’t believe she talks to me, let alone runs for nearly two hours with me.  

I felt AHHH-mazing.  From start to finish, I felt like a real runner which is something I’ve struggled with.  It’s been five years!  And I haven’t quit!  I’ve quit every type of exercise I’ve ever tried, except running.  I feel like I’m getting strong and making progress.  And I’m kind of in love with it!

We did see a coyote on our way back.  With less than two miles left- I refused to stop/walk/slow down.  I may have been running right toward a coyote- but I figured if it wanted to eat me- I wasn’t going to be able to run fast/far enough to get away- so I took my chances.  I believe he was headed home to his coyote family after a long night of coyote work- and NOT on a direct path for the dog park.  Right?  Right.  

One of my favorite things about long running and not having to work. Bath time!

Lush: Melting Marshmallow Moment bath melt and Bunny Moon jelly face mask

I love baths.  I’m lucky enough to have a boyfriend that knows how much I love baths- and remodeled the bathroom right around the time I moved in- and let me pick out a nice deep tub.  I’m a big fan of Lush bath bombs and luxury bath oils.  My newest obsession are the Lush jelly face masks!  So relaxing!  And my face feels like a dream.  

Lush: Birth of Venus jelly face mask

I’ve got big plans for an amazing Bloody Mary while we watch the Bears season opener today…. and possibly a nap.  

 I’ve got until November first to decide on my next training plan.   Will it be cross fit? Swimming? Boot camp?  We’ll talk about that later.   For now- I’m just going to enjoy a lazy Sunday recovery.  

5am to 9pm

Today was long.  But so good.

It started with a nine miler.  I’d be lying if I said I had been looking forward to it.  My last several runs have been rough.  I’ve felt like each step was a challenge- and I had a lot of mental road blocks.  My great friend, Kaitlin, got me started on a podcast (#myfavoritemurder) and it’s creepy, but wonderful.  I started on episode one last night, so with murder on my mind… I drove to meet Kaitlin at 5:45am at a new running path.  I’ve never been so aware of how easy I would be to murder than I was for the 3 minutes I waited in my car for her. It was so dark.  And there was no one around.  Then she got there, and I didn’t feel much safer.  We headed from the parking lot to the path and it looked like we were walking into the nothingness.  Thankfully, it wasn’t as dark as it looked from afar, and there was some moonlight trickling through the trees.  The sun slowly started to come up- and everything was BEAUTIFUL.  There was a chill in the air- a mist along the ground… and you guys?  BAMBI was there!

The first two miles felt good, but some how long.  I was surprised we weren’t half way done by mile two- but we felt good and strong, and had so much to talk about.

 We got done and I got home at 8am which gave me exactly 25 minutes to get ready for work.  I showered- but didn’t bother to wash my hair.  It felt disgusting.  I got a stupid amount of compliments on how cute it looked.  Remind me to be filthy more often.

Work was… interesting.  On the whole, it went as well as a ten hour day can go after a 9 mile run.  Some stuff happened that is going to cause trouble down the line- but nothing that can’t be managed.  Luckily, no one pooped anywhere inappropriate today.

I came home, and not only had my wonderful, amazing, and terribly handsome boyfriend repotted our plants and done a bunch of cleaning, he also made me swordfish with homemade compound butter that I would be happy to eat with a spoon!  It was all so delicious.  My only complaint was there wasn’t more to eat.  That’s always my complaint… and maybe why I struggle to lose weight… but it was THAT good.

After dinner, we went to Oberweiss for a chess date.  He had a strawberry shake, and I had an amazing view of this hottie.

Total day- five out of five stars.  Would recommend.

Tomorrow should be pretty great.  I do have to work- which is unfortunate… BUT I only have to work an 8 hour shift! Eight and skate! And I may or may not be wearing a costume.  (By that I mean I am for sure wearing a costume.)  See you tomorrow!