64 minutes 2 seconds

This week got away from me.  It was so hot every day, and work has been crazier than usual.  I still ran, just not as much as I was planning.  

Kaitlin was available for a late morning run on Thursday- but about halfway though it we called it on account of the blistering heat and walked home.  We still got four miles in, just not as quickly as we had originally planned.  

Yesterday’s 5k was under a “yellow” weather advisory.  We walked a lot, and talked a lot, and overall had an EXCELLENT time.  Unfortunately, due to the heat, our mascot was unable to make it (maybe next time!).  I also didn’t have time to craft- so I just had my dad make us shirts.  

I had planned on running 8 this morning- but some stomach issues got me off to a late start (I’m TERRIFIED of becoming the “mad pooper” of Naperville, so I waited until I was SURE I was ok.)  With the late start, I only had time for 6 miles, and they felt glorious.  I did a super basic out and back- one I haven’t done in a while- and it all worked out perfectly.  There was a foggy mist hanging around the prairie path that made that portion of my run feel cooler than the portion I was on pavement.  All in all, good times.  Good times, noodle salad.  

Four weeks until the Naperville Half Marathon.  Two weeks until I’m 35 (gulp.)

Author: katiefittingin

Dog mom. Keto novice. On a journey of getting fit and fitting in.

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