20 minutes 8 seconds

Three days post half marathon today, and I went for a two miler before work.  I got progressively more sore as the day went on yesterday, and expected to wake up stiff and miserable.  Thankfully, that wasn’t the case.  Two miles in 20 minutes 8 seconds is pretty great for me.   Back to back ten minute miles is something I struggle to do consistently, so I’ll take it!  

Tomorrow’s plan is 5 miles AND some strength training– especially core work.  I’ve been slacking- and I can feel it. I want to drop another pant size SOON.  I haven’t had any noticeable losses in inches or pounds since march.  I holding steady at 151.4.  I really need to dial in my cross training/strength training.  I’ve just been running running running.   I’m so eager to take my next step and try something new- but the time commitment terrifies me.  I don’t want to join a gym- or buy a class pass- and then freak out about using it.  Must.  Do. Research.  Must find something I can fit in.  See what I did there? At least I amuse myself.  

I’m running a “sundown 5k” this weekend- and I haven’t decided if I’m going to run hard and try to PR (29:14) or if I’m going to run with a coworker and socialize.  She runs a 12 minute mile.  The race is at a local community college, so the number of attendees in my age group might be lower than some of the bigger races around… and I might have a chance to place.  Nevermind!  Just looked up last years results.  I would have come in 13th in my age group last year.  Eh. I still might try to PR, even if I don’t place.  

I somehow convinced my corporate office to send our company mascot out for pictures- so that will be fun.  It also means I’ve got some crafting to do before then…. pictures to come!

Author: katiefittingin

Dog mom. Keto novice. On a journey of getting fit and fitting in.

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