Run Katie, Run.

My running back story…

Some background on me and running…

I’ve always wanted to be a runner.  Maybe not always.  I rebelled HARD against running the mile in PE class in grade school.  In third grade, I was not allowed to partake in the “field day” games because I had made such a stink about not running/racing.  As a teen- I glamorized running right around the same time I saw Run Lola Run.  The weird artsy fartsy boy I had a crush on really liked it, so naturally, I really liked it.   We owned a treadmill at the time, and I tried to be a runner, but I couldn’t stick with it.  I think, total, I may have used the treadmill 22 times (thank you season 2 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer DVDs.)

Fast forward to being a grown up.  I tried a bunch of different fitness DVDs and a handful of classes at local gyms, but I kept coming back to the IDEA of running.  In my mind- all runners were these svelte long limbed happy people, and the only thing stopping me from being them was the fact that I wasn’t running.

So I started.

It was about five years ago, hot as hell outside, and I had worked early.   I asked my boyfriend if Foxy, furball of delight, would be ok to go for kind of long walk in the stupid heat, half hoping he would say no… H said yes.  So Foxy and I walked.  Once we were in the next neighborhood over, we ran. Not far.  Not fast.  But apparently long enough for my boyfriend’s sister (and then next door neighbor) to see me running.   She told me it made her want to be a runner, and I’ve been running ever since.


I have been running on and off for five years.  I’ve completed 7 half marathons and a handful of shorter races.  I’m slow.  I’m not disciplined.  I’ve never fully committed to a training regimen.  All long runs (five miles or more) left me utterly wrecked.

This spring, I ran my 7th and most recent half marathon, having barely trained for it.   I found myself roughly 40 pounds lighter (don’t worry–we’ll get to that in another post) and I realized it didn’t have to be so hard.  Less impact from my body size already lightened my load (see what I did there) so imagine what a real training program might accomplish!

Enter Hal Higdon.

I downloaded the Hal Higdon app which is a bit clunky, but convenient to see what runs should be done on which dates.  I’ve been following it pretty strictly since the beginning of August, and I’m very excited about my next half marathon on September 17th.  At that point, I’ll be able to really compare this half to my last half, and give you a super honest review of the Hal Higdon half marathon training program: novice.

In the mean time, I’m going to be letting you know how my runs are going, my adventures in cross training (I own A LOT of yoga DVDs) and my attempt to keep losing weight.


Stay tuned…

Author: katiefittingin

Dog mom. Keto novice. On a journey of getting fit and fitting in.

One thought on “Run Katie, Run.”

  1. That’s amazing!! YOU are amazing! Thank you for accidentally becoming a runner and accidentally turning me in one too!!!! Xoxoxo

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